Calendar /Events

29.11.2010: Opening of Aflé Bijoux - Créations Akan online shop on Etsy and presentation of Aflé Bijoux new collection Serie 1110H.

12.12.2010: Aflé Bijoux new collection Serie 0111E.

27.01.2011: Presentation of the new collection, the ATOMOLIE Collection.

12.02.2011: Shooting of the ATOMOLIE Collection in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

08.03.2011: "Beautiful Jewelry for Special Women", Aflé Bijoux´s event on the occasion of the International Women´s Day, at NAYENKA, 9 Rue de Turbigo, Paris, France.

31.03.2011:Aflé Bijoux GIVE AWAY March 2011.

10.04.2011: Presentation of Aflé Bijoux new Sautoir Collection.
30.04.2011: Aflé bijoux GIVE AWAY April 2011.
05.05.2011: Aflé Bijoux new collection, the 2011 Cruise Collection is revealed.

08.05.2011: Aflé Bijoux new collection VIDEO is revealed, .

08.05.2011: Aflé Bijoux introduces the new Aflé Bijoux - Créations Akan tag, the atelier´s sign of quality.

16.05.2011: Aflé Bijoux Spread The Love Action is launched.

19.05.2011: The new Aflé Bijoux Ambassadors: Aflé Bijoux Ambassador for Africa, Aflé Bijoux Ambassador for Europe, Aflé Bijoux Ambassador for The Caribbean and Aflé Bijoux Good Will Ambassadors are introduced. Their main task is to represent Aflé Bijoux in their respective region.

07.06.2011: The "Livre d´Or d´Aflé Bijoux" is opened. It compiles the messages received from Aflé Bijoux customers.

22.06.2011: Aflé Bijoux new logo is released.

11.07.2011: Aflé Bijoux photo shoot by The BHF Magazine Africa - Washington/USA

15.08.2011: Aflé Bijoux joins the Afropean Artists Group on Facebook, a group for the promotion of African and European Designers.

26-30.08.2011: Tendence Fair, Francfort International fair for jewelry and accessories.

01.09.2011: Aflé Bijoux interview by Orinmi Arts.

10.09.2011: Aflé Bijoux new collection: Collection Douceur d´Enfance is revealed. Here is the video:

16.09.2011: Aflé Bijoux new men collection is launched.

26-29.10.2011: AfrikFashion Show 6th edition, Abidjan, Côte d´Ivoire.

10-13.11.2011: Chris Seydou Fashion Week, Bamako, Mali.

9-11.12.2011: Aflé Bijoux exhibits its creations at the Stilblüten Festival Für Mode und Design Frankfurt.

14.02.2012: St Valentine BIG Sales.

17.03.2012: Shooting of the video Aflé Bijoux new collection - The Wedding Collection 2012. Here is a link to the video:

16.04.2012: Aflé Bijoux reveals its new collection - Aflé Bijoux Wedding Collection 2012.

28-29.04.2012: Aflé Bijoux private sales in Tunis, Tunisia.

15-17.06 2012: Labo Ethnik Fashion Week-End, 6th edition, Paris, France.

26-29.05.2015: Semaine africaine, UNESCO, Paris, France.