Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Work in progress: Aflé Bijoux Bagues de Printemps

YAYYY Spring is there!! Aflé Bijoux is currently working on its new project: Aflé Bijoux Bagues de Printemps! Made of Polaris beads and Akan gold weights, these lovely rings are fresh and colorful. They are named after the flowers that bloom in this season. Aflé Bijoux Bagues de Printemps are the perfect accessories to pair with our dresses or jeans!  Discover the entire collection this Thursday on Etsy, at the online-shop: www.aflebijoux.etsy.com

Aflé Bijoux Azalé Ring

Aflé Bijoux Pavot Ring

Aflé Bijoux Muscari Ring

Aflé Bijoux Tulipe Ring

Aflé Bijoux Pommier à fleurs

Aflé Bijoux Narcisse Ring

More Aflé Bijoux Bagues de Printemps on ETSY at www.aflebijoux.etsy.com


  1. Beautiful designs! Just as spring flowers...

  2. Thank you Nauli!! I am glad you like them!